Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?


The book considers how the policies of the State of Israel, in violently dispossessing Palestinians of their land, nationality and human rights, replicate policies of South Africa’s era of Grand Apartheid.

“Both theological and political, easily readable and full of documented facts, we are reminded that silence before Apartheid is complicity with the crime”. RIFAT KASSIS, Coordinator, Global Justice for Palestine



In his ‘Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?’ book Brian analyses Israel as replicating what he calls Grand Apartheid; the violent dispossession of land, nationality and human rights by one ethnic group of another.  Save that this time it is Palestinian rather then Black people who suffer apartheid’s illegal occupation, domination and disempowerment.  The book’s comparative analysis of two apartheid states is backed by accounts of Israeli and International Human Rights organisations whose legal analysis presents Israel as practising a crime against humanity, the Crime of Apartheid.